Whiskey Sex And Rock'n'Roll

Whiskey Sex And Rock'n'Roll

CHF 23,90

The Vibes - Whiskey, Sex & Rock'n'Roll - CD

Released: 14/03/2008


  1. Whiskey, Sex & Rock’n’Roll
  2. Smokin’ Ace
  3. On My Way
  4. Ride Your Horse Down
  5. Keep the Kettle Boiling
  6. Devil’s Nipples
  7. Bed Rebel
  8. Whiskey Flavoured Love
  9. The Warlords of Tennessee
  10. Whiskey’n’Bones
  11. Fatten the Cattle


„High proof, animal rock’n’roll with concentrated passion and power, displosive, roaring, vivid, bold, shaken, not stirred and for sure as hell pure and without ice – cheers!“

„If Mr Jack Daniels had decided to start a band rather than a whiskey brand, it would sound exactly like The Vibes!“

„Probably one of the baddest ass coolest fucking bands out there. They’ve got the look, the sound and that reminds me why I do what I do. This release will be on my playlist for eternity!“