The Vibes - TCB Rock'n'Roll

The Vibes - TCB Rock'n'Roll

The Final Curtain Call

After more than 20 years of band history, 5 studio albums and over 300 concerts, The Vibes brothers MoJo and Mat have decided to seal this grandiose era with a big party: The Vibes gave their farewell concert on September 30, 2023 at KIFF Aarau.

We have duly captured this brilliant end to a wonderful era with a terrific video and a live album called «The Final Curtain Call» that will be released on May 8th 2024.
Click here to watch the video on youtube.
Click here to listen to the live album on Spotify.

Big cheers

The Vibes

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The Vibes awesome new album The World Is Yours.

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